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Social Media has spread across the world in such a way that people over the entire world are contributing in partake of some activities on social media like sharing some information to stand for a cause and the issues they have a strong sense about. Also, to interact, grow and get a sense of gratification, nurture relationships or bonds and staying in touch with others. Besides all this, people consider social media as a tool for forging images and designate who they are and what they really support.

Once people are connected on social media, they get a large number of things to do like, creating pages, posting memes and trolls. And then these memes hit over millions of likes and comments and becomes a blockbuster or the kings of the social media world.

Also, Social Media has created a broader and wider vision for the political world as well. Without social media, political world would have been kept in a narrow sight as we know that social media has become a king in today’s world and due to its extensive nature, it makes political world strong and lies it on the massive track. Also, Social Media has enormous aspects by which it excels in many other fortes as well.


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