www.thelasthope.in leaves no stone unturned that a user will have to ask for a refund but if any situation leads to these circumstances then it’s clearly management’s decision to issue a refund or not. If a service has been started and our teams have worked on it for over 24 hours, there would be no refund for it.


Read the following guideline carefully before initiating cancellation or seeking a refund.

  • Until your service is not initiated, no money would be charged.
  • You are only eligible to ask for a refund within 24 hours of the service initiated.
  • The process of the refund would only be started post management’s approval.
  • In case a refund is issued, it would be post deduction of the service charges which can be upto 80% of the actual service cost.
  • Refunds are transferred within 30 – 60 Business Days.
  • Management reserves all rights to reject a refund
  • You cancontact us at email- corporate@thelasthope.in