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Our Services

Website Designing

Online-Live-Connected 24*7 this is the tripod of our present marketing strategy on which our market stands high and designated as modernized . To keep up with the pace an online access via a website of our own is a must these days

Get your own website

The Web Designing is such that it would draw the target population within fraction of seconds thus fulfilling the client’s requirements to the fullest simultaneously nurturing the trust which you placed on us

Marketplace Management

Involved in business but couldn’t grow big in it??? Looking to commercialize on a big scale. Don’t be just offline driven, get involved with The Last hope where we do Market place Management for you

Market Places are one of the quickest ways for sellers to expand their reach, increase orders and most importantly, grow revenue.
In your best interest we do offer to ease off your load but channelize your business by services

Business Management Services

Planning, communication, management and execution are the keys to getting anything accomplished with an efficient use of time and resources. Without these management services, many great ideas will fail

At The Last Hope, our team of dedicated Management Consultants apply their extensive business knowledge to help you put them into practice, thus providing expertise in strategic planning, implementation and decision-making

Product Photography

Commercial photography isn’t about mastering complex lighting ratios or obscure retouching techniques, successful commercial photography swivels upon your resourcefulness to turn your creative vision into a polished product

Setting up lights for the perfect portrayal is not a “no sweat” job. From the moment we pick up camera to final conveyance of your images, every decision we make is to give you our best. Using the correct gear

Social media optimization

(SMO) can be one part of SEO—but it also contributes to all three ways people find you online. Working with SMO can help you strengthen your brand and boost visibility, as well as generate leads and increase sales.

Difference between SEO AND SMO ?

Do you own a business with all the facilities and amenities required and still are unable to attract the clients??? Maybe we have a very simple solution for you. But prior to that we need to figure out some things. Have you ever wondered how to advertise...

Designing and Printing

The Last Hope delivers attention-getting, creative designs at affordable prices. Our in-house graphic designers know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to print marketing. They are print design experts!

Even in today's technological age, a simple business card can still play a big role in getting yourself and your business noticed. Business cards are a good way to help people remember you and point them in the right direction

`{`SEO`}` Search Engine Optimisation

Like any business, search engines are trying to provide the best experience for their users. That means they are always working on providing the best results. The hundreds of factors that go into ranking a website is becoming more and more complex.

With our proven search engine optimizations strategies, you'll be able to direct more of the massive amount of traffic created by search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo to your website. Our search engine optimization techniques employ...


In today’s era the concepts of marketing has gained new zenith with the advent of a smartphone, especially when the usage is such that every person owns one. And we do know it for sure that smart phone=Whatsapp

As a bulk Whats-app marketing service provider we have been delivering innovative and unique whats-app text messages, images, audio, video all over India and our services are totally loaded up to the brim with the services

HRM Service

Renowned Futurologists Alvin Toffler said “If you don’t combine strategy with agility you are going to land in Tokyo and your luggage in Timbuktu”. In the rapidly changing business environment strategy ...

From working alongside your HR team to becoming your personalized HR department, The Last hope Human Resource Management services are completely customized to fit your company’s needs

Our Portfolio

Client Speaks

Get in touch and get a FREE analysis of your Site/Project worth Rs. 2500

Planning to launch a site or upgrade your old website? Looking for a custom solution for office automation? ERP/CRM/POS requirements?

Get in touch, our expert will meet you, analyze your requirements and will give you best solution strategy for your needs. Be it a marketing model, site plan, promotion idea or SEO/SMO campaign. So what are your waiting for? Act Now!